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Bluebonnet Switches (B Stock)

Bluebonnet Switches (B Stock)

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B Stock Bluebonnets side latches will likely bend or break when opened.


Typing Tests (B Stock Switches Only)

Lubed Typing Test By Alexotos
Lubed Typing Test By Abstand

- Linear

- Bluebonnet Colorway

- Nylon Top and Bottom Housing

- Pom Stem

- 3.9mm Travel

- 60g actuation, 72g bottom out forces

- 17mm Spring (2.5mm longer than standard for an extra "poppy" feel)

- 5 Pin Construction

- Dust Resistant Box Design

- Manufactured by Aflion

 B Stock info
 B Stock Zepsody Bluebonnets differ from A stock bluebonnets in the following ways.

- B Stock Bluebonnets side latches will likely bend or break when opened. This is not a fixable problem. You can potentially open them with tweezers, however they may still break. We recommend using these switches stock.
- B Stock Bluebonnets are slightly less smooth than A stock bluebonnets 
- B Stock Bluebonnets sound slightly different than A stock bluebonnets.



Bluebonnets plastic pins sit slightly loose in many pcbs. This makes soldering a half plate or plateless board more difficult.

Standard mx style springs can be used.

Uses a "Kalih style" latch

There is very light factory lubing on the springs, legs, leaf, and sliders.

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