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Wisteria Switches (C Stock)

Wisteria Switches (C Stock)

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C Stock wisterias are a batch of wisterias that were made with tolerances that were out of spec. These switches will have inconsistent amounts of travel, and some housing tolerances that are out of spec. We recommend sorting them by feel into groups that have similar amounts of travel. You can typically use 30-50% of them in the same build without there being a noticeable travel difference while typing. There will also be a smaller number of switches with housing tolerances that are too tight. The lubing on these is like that of regular wisteria switches, meaning after you sort your switches, you can use them without having to lube.


- Hand Lubricated

- Linear

- Wisteria Colorway

- PC Top Housing

- Nylon Bottom Housing

- Pom Stem

- 3.4mm Travel (will vary for C-Stock)

- 62g bottom our force

- 15mm Spring

- 5 Pin Construction

- Manufactured by Meirun

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