About Zepsody

Contact : Jason@Zepsody.com

Hello and welcome to Zepsody.com.
My name is Jason, the founder and CEO of Zepsody. Thank you for checking out my website.

Zepsody is a long term project I have been working on since the end of 2020. After being laid off at the beginning of 2021, I decided to try and do keyboards full time.... It took a bit longer than expected, but we are finally here!

The goal of Zepsody long term is be able to offer a full range of keyboard products, all made and designed in house. I want to be a vendor offering something different than everyone else. With every vendor carrying seemingly the same products, things can get a bit stale IMO. 

In house design also allows many products to be sold more affordably, at a higher level of quality, than can be achieved otherwise.

Current In House Designed Products:

Bluebonnet Switches - Nylon based smooth linear with a snappy, stable feel, at an affordable price.
Zepsody Poron Switch Films - High quality Poron films. Available at a lower price than films made of lower quality materials, while having a larger range of compatible switches due to their extreme ability to compress

Switches Coming Soon

Wisteria Switches - Manually pre-lubed, long pole, mx style switches. I am currently waiting on the round 3 samples to arrive. Est. Price $0.50 each.


Keyboards Coming Soon

618 - Originally called "Long Horn", 618 has had many revisions since it began it's life in March 2021. 618 is a "Compact 1800" with two left side macro columns. I originally designed this board just for myself, as the ultimate work keyboard. This has been by far the most expensive project I have ever undertook, 618 has cost almost $8k to develop to this point. Largely due to prototyping costs. Currently, I have three prototypes in production, and a finished pcb design by mechlovin. I am hoping to have this all in hand by the end of May, with a GB set as early as July. Stay Tuned!