Zepsody Vantage Interest Check

Zepsody Vantage Interest Check

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Black and Red Renders

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Vantage is a 60% keyboard designed to sound great without the need of foam (although foam is included for those that want it). Vantage utilizes molded silicone gaskets, a leaf spring plate design and a Cem3 Pcb. It features a unique bottom design while keeping a clean overall aesthetic on the desk. We have been working on this design for some time now, and think you guys will really like it.

  • Colors - Lightning Purple, Red, Black, E-white
  • Layout - WKl or WK (Considering fixed 7u, would love feedback on this)
  • Material - Anodized 6063 Aluminum (E-White will be E-coated), Stainless Steel Weight
  • Plate Options - Pom, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Half Plate, Carbon Fiber Half Plate
  • Gaskets (Molded Wrap Around) - 80 Durometer, 70 Durometer, 50 Durometer,
  • Pcb - Cem3 H60 by Hineybush, Hotswap and Solder Available
  • Angle - 7.5 Degrees
  • Front Height ~ 18mm
  • Price - Estimated at $295
  • Vendors - Zepsody for U.S, International TBD 

Kit Includes - Top Case, Bottom Case, Weight, H60 Cem3 Pcb, Set of Gaskets, PE Plate and Poron Case Foams, Screws, Custom Molded Bumpons, Daughterboard (Modified UDB), DB Cable, Carrying Case

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