Black Friday Sale: Midnight 11/24 - 12-1

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 Grab Wisteria V2 Switches For Only $0.48 Each!

Wisteria V2 Switches are hand lubed from the factory, this means you DO NOT need to lube the switches. They feature high quality TX Keyboards 62g XL springs and Tribosys 3204 as a lubricant. The above sound test uses stock switches with no foam.

Display 15 Artisan Trays will be $32 Each!

We will also be releasing the extras for the E-white Display 15 units.

Our Rehouse 60 Gasket Mounted Keyboard Kit is Discounted to $28

The Rehouse 60 is a great way to re-house your old universal 60% pcb. Take a h60, gh60, dz60 or similar pcb and build a new, gasket mounted keyboard for only $28!


The Last of Our Bluebonnet Switches Will Be $0.15 Each

Bluebonnets will be retired after selling out. Grab some before they are gone forever.


The Sale Will Last For 1 Week or Until a Given Product Sells Out.

Inventory Numbers at Start -

Wisteria V2 Switches: 8,000
Bluebonnet Switches: 600
Rehouse 60: 8
Display 15: 32 Black, 9 Red, 11 Navy, 27 White

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